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The Kildare Nazi

A notorious Nazi, known as “Hitler’s favorite commando” and “the most dangerous man in Europe,” Otto Skorzeny lived a peaceful life in a mansion on a 160-acre farm in County Kildare 14 years after the end of World War II.

In July 1957 he traveled to Dublin where he was met with a gala reception by members of Parliament and celebrities. Following his warm welcome, he purchased Martinstown House, the 160-acre farm estate in The Curragh, County Kildare.

Skorzeny was allowed temporary visas to stay in Ireland under the proviso that he would not travel to Britain.

However, in post-World War II Europe the specter of Nazism and the fear they would once again rise to power caused concern.

Former Irish Minister for Health Noel Browne raised concerns over Skorzeny’s "anti-Semitic activities" in the Dail (Parliament) in 1959.

On another occasion, he said, “It is generally understood that this man plays some part (in neo-Nazi activities) and if so, he should not be allowed to use Ireland for that purpose."

When questioned about his affiliation Skorzeny denied any involvement in Nazi activity. However, upon his death, his coffin was draped in the Nazi flag by his cohorts.

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