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Welcome to Dublin 1919...

See how the Union Jacks fly high as the people of Dublin cheer on what remains of the 200,000 Irish who fought bravely in World War 1.

When put into context, although Ireland was still part of Britain at this time, it is odd to see the Union Jack here as we are three years on from the 1916 rising where Dublin rebelled against British Rule in Ireland, the Leaders of 1916 have been executed and we are just a few months away from voting in Sinn Fein to the first Dáil (Parliament)... It is worth noting that the people of Ireland didn’t fully support 1916... A few weeks before the rising, the volunteers were boo’d and had rotten fruit thrown at them as they marched through Limerick. During the week of the rising itself, the people of south Dublin City cheered the British soldiers as they marched to the GPO.

A war of Independence, which would go on the free 26 Irish Counties from British Rule and a Civil war are just on the horizon.

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